Fogolâr Furlan di Calgary

Fogolâr Furlan di Calgary
715 Shamrock Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2W 0P8

was founded in 1967

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Board of Directors 2016-2018
President: Sonia Bertolissi
Vice-President: Loredana Della Vedova
Treasurer: Zina Rosso
Secretary: Loretta Biasutti

History and Scholarships:

 The Fogolâr Furlan di Calgary is an association whose members originate from the northeastern Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. It was founded in 1967. Until the mid-twentieth century, Friuli, like other regions of Italy, saw large waves of emigration to countries that offered better opportunities for employment. Friulians left their homeland for the European industrial north, and for the new world possibilities in South America and North America. So many Friulians emigrated from their homeland that over 150 associations called Fogolâr Furlan or Famèe Furlane were formed around the world. The Fogolâr Furlan di Calgary is only one of sixteen similar associations in Canada.

 The founding members of the Fogolâr Furlan di Calgary wanted a better life for themselves and for their children. They worked hard for the interests of their families and considered education as a means to achieve this. Initially, the Fogolâr Furlan di Calgary provided mutual aid and assistance, and now it provides a connection to the culture, language and history of this unique region, not just for those people who made that tremendous journey, but for the following generations of Friulian-Canadians. It is only fitting, therefore, that the Fogolâr Furlan di Calgary would establish this award to promote education and financially assist students.

 This year, after years of successful casino fundraising, the Fogolâr Furlan di Calgary had a unique opportunity to make several significant gifts to educational institutions in Calgary and one to the Fogolârs Federation of Canada. On the eve of our 50th anniversary and as we celebrate Canada 150, the Friulians of Calgary can take great pride in these gifts, especially the endowments, which we consider our legacy to this city. Endowments generate awards from the interest earned so they exist in perpetuity.

 Scholarship Endowments:

  • A $1,200 annual award in the Professional Cooking Program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.
  • A $1,500 annual award at the University of Calgary for a fourth year student majoring in Italian.
  • A $1,500 annual award at The Calgary Foundation for an Alberta student who has declared a minor or major in Italian.
  • Two $1,500 annual awards with St. Mary’s University for continuing students in good academic standing.


  • Two annual awards of $500 each for the top two students in Italian 30 (high school) for twenty years. Managed by Education Matters.
  • The Calgary Foundation is administering a scholarship that will award $5,000 to an Alberta student who is registered to pursue graduate studies in Italian in Canada. This scholarship will assist a total of seven students.  
  • $15,000 to “La Cisilute”, publication of the Fogolârs Federation of Canada.
  • $10,000 gift for the material production of a play by the Faculty of Arts at the University of Calgary.

 Application forms for these endowments and awards are available on the websites of the organizations named.

 Luis Torres, division chair of Spanish and Italian Studies at the University of Calgary said “To my knowledge this is the biggest donation the Italian Studies program has ever received. … We’re very impressed with the Fogolâr Furlan di Calgary and we’re happy and proud that they chose our students for this funding. It’s an honour.”